Founded in 1998 by Matt Reed, tigerlily has proudly served as one of portland's great tattoo and art studios


Matt Reed created TigerLily Tattoo in 1998 after apprenticing under Don Deaton at Oregon's oldest tattoo shop, Sea Tramp Tattoo.  Since its opening, TigerLily has hosted some of the best artists in Portland, been featured in Tattoo Magazine and built a lasting reputation within the community.  Matt's art and creative, funky style adorn the walls of the shop and show the rich history TigerLily has created.  

In 2015, Matt, craving more art and less business, passed the torch to his apprentice Greg Bassindale and his wife Mary Kate.  Matt continues to tattoo at TigerLily as well as indulge in freelance art projects around Portland.  Greg now owns and operates the shop with TigerLily's legacy at the forefront, devoted to the history Matt created.